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Joy and Matt's Books

Store Policy

It is our hope and purpose to connect with the community of booklovers. Our relationship with our customers is the key to that. The sale is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long term relationship between you, us, the author, and the publisher.


According to Chris Voss, authoer of Never Split the Difference, the best strategy in business is non zero-sum; to come up with a deal that is better than either side could have imagined. We hope to send you away with something of value greater than what you came with.

Privacy & Safety

We use your personal information to process transactions, via Wix, for anything you may purchase on our site. You will receive an order acknowledgement email for each purchase. If you like, we will send you updates when we receive a shipment of an out-of-stock item. We have not yet established an email newsletter. If and when we do we will subscribe you and unsubscribe you promptly at your request. 


We do not and never will sell your personal information to a third party. We are two humans with our own cell phones who are at least as annoyed by robocallers as you are.

Forum Policies

Please be kind and assume the best about anyone you encounter on a forum. On our forum free exchange of ideas is encouraged. However, insults and threats will not be tolerated. Should you have an idea that another user is a nincompoop, we ask you to keep that to yourself. You are entitled to that opinion but it is an intellectual dead end.

Anything you share on the forum will be seen by other users and we accept no responsibility if they steal your ideas. If they do, be flattered. Don't post anything sensitive like financial information, nuclear launch codes, or the location of the Roswell spacecraft.

Used Books

Some of our books, as indicated in the online shop, are previously owned. By purchasing used books you will get a cheaper price and reduce your carbon footprint. Some used books may have signs of wear or stickers from previous vendors. We think its fun to imagine the journeys they have made.

Customer Care

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