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For Authors

You wrote something? That's amazing. It takes courage and perseverance. We are interested in carrying works by new voices especially if you are a local author or your writing pertains to the neighborhood somehow. However we are a small shop and to maintain the quality browsing experience we are very selective. Email us at If your book is very good and you have a publisher, please send us a link to it and we will consider purchasing (we have accounts with most publishers). Copies left or mailed without an order or consignment agreement will be considered review copies. 


If your book is very good and self-published we may accept 2 copies* on consignment for 6 months. If they sell we will pay you 50% of the price. Books should be titled on the spine and cover. Retail price should be similar to our other new books of the format & length. Copies left or mailed without an order or consignment agreement will be kept.


We carry several books that can help authors of all experience levels. Some of the best are: 

  • Working by Robert Caro for journalistic nonfiction.

  • Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer for fantasy, weird fiction, science fiction.

  • On Writing Well by William Zinsser for nonfiction.

  • Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark for all genres.

  • How to Write by Gertrude Stein for fiction and generalizable writing skills.

*this is pretty much our max for any given time. I think we have 3 copies of Crime and Punishment, that's about it. We generally replace anything that sells and if we get something that sells out in two weeks, we may consider more, if that happens. 
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